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About Dr Sommer

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Dr. Ilan Sommer D.C. is the director of the Spine Institute. He was the former director of the chiropractic department at the Beverly Hills Hospital and Medical Centre in Los Angeles, and a clinician at the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Department at Tel-Hashomer General Hospital in Israel. 

Dr Sommer is a Doctor of Chiropractic graduated from CCCLA -USA and is a Diplomat of the National Board of chiropractic in the USA. 

For many years he consulted and managed the back pain section through the pain clinics nationwide in Israel. He is well known for numerous radio talk shows, TV interviews, Newspapers articles from around the world, and as a past vice president of the Israeli Chiropractic Association.

A former member of the California Chiropractic Association, the American Chiropractic Association, The International Chiropractic Association, The European Chiropractic Association, The Israeli Chiropractic Association, and currently registered with the Australian Chiropractic board. 

He is the president of the "International Spine Clinics," "International Spine Care" and "Spine Institute Pty Ltd," which are dedicated to the new and innovative approach to the non-surgical treatment of back pain and disc disorders. 

Dr. Sommer, a former guest lecturer at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia, and a past member of the Assessment Panel of Clinical Proficiency of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology on behalf of The "Council of Chiropractic Education Australia - CCEA."

Dr. Sommer is among the few Cox® Technic practitioners listed in Australia, and he is the longest-certified clinician in Australia. He is an active member of the worldwide referral directory of clinician dedicated to Spinal Decompression.

Dr. Sommer's publications, research, and articles appear in numerous places around the world. He attends conferences worldwide which are dedicated to Non-Surgical Decompression of the Spine, and brings the latest technology back to his Australian Clinic.